LITECORR Global Inc. is a leading-edge developer, manufacturer of LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting solutions for use in a variety of applications across a range of industries. Founded in 1984, LITECORR Global is considered to be an LED industry pioneer holding numerous industry awards and priding itself with several first-to-market LED Products.

As a Full Service  LED lighting Solutions Provider, LITECORR Global possesses a robust, high quality product portfolio and has earned a solid reputation as a fast nimble product developer with a unique ability to deliver custom designed solutions for customers. All LITECORR products in the company portfolio are designed to replace high energy consumption lighting with next generation, proprietary lighting solutions that are targeted to optimize lighting brightness levels, reduce energy and to provide meaningful cost savings.

All LITECORR products have a long lifespan (minimum 50,000 hours), are energy efficient, require very low or no maintenance, and do not contain any harmful materials that impact health or ease of disposal.

Our Success

LITECORR Global’s success is in our LED products. Attributed to our use of high quality patented LED’s manufactured by top brands such as Seoul Semiconductor®, Nichia®, and others, our strict production control, our patented optics and our advanced proprietary heat sink technology which enables high performance thermal management.

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LITECORR’s state of the art research & development and manufacturing factory is located in Shanghai, China.

The LITECORR team adheres to strict quality control policies during the production and delivery phases.

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